Culture Trip, Wildlife Tour, Or Beach Getaway?

Brazil is a mix of what you are dreaming about!

Travel with Paula Brasil

Brazil is a land of many wonders, both natural and human-made. Which one sparks your call to adventure?

Discover Brazil's complexities and contrasts and explore natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world.

Both a tropical paradise and an exciting cultural destination with attractions for all tastes.

White sand beaches, tropical islands, music-filled cities, and charming colonial towns are waiting to host your dream vacation!

Natural Wonders Guided Adventures

Lençois Maranhenses

Blindingly white in color, huge sand dunes tower over rain-made lagoons are full of crystal sparkling blue or green waters depending on which one you visit. Relax, swim and walk barefoot amongst one of the most unbelievable landscapes on the planet.

Poco Encantado and Poco Azul

Poco Encantado aka the Enchanted Well is a sunken pool nestled in a cave with crystal clear water and visibility unlike any other. Visiting this fragile eco-system is a favorite experience amongst tourists.

Rocas Atoll

The only atoll in the South Atlantic Ocean, the area is home to a great diversity of birds, dolphins, sharks, etc. As the Rocas Atoll is extremely remote, it is largely undisturbed by human activities.

Pristine Eco-Wonderlands' Biodive

Amazon Rainforest

Towering trees sunk into the water, monkeys swinging from branch to branch and an abundance of activities.

Pantanal Wetlands

The world’s largest tropical wetland area is part of the natural region called the Pantanal. The greatest part of this area is located within Brazil’s Mato Grosso do Sul state. The ecoregion supports an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.

Iguaçu National Park

Iguaçu National Park has one of the world’s largest and most impressive waterfalls. It is home to many rare and endangered species. The clouds of sprinkle jet produced by the waterfall are conducive to the growth of lush vegetation.

Water Wonder Offers

Admire Iguazu Falls

Also known as the “Smoke Falls”, this 340 meters tall waterfall was believed to be the tallest waterfall in the country. Experience the enormous plunge and force of water as well as the unspoiled surroundings of this gorgeous place.

Fernando de Noronha

In Brazil’s northern state of Pernambuco is this gorgeous archipelago of 21 islets in the Atlantic Ocean, where you can make friends with sea turtles and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Encontro das Aguas

The ‘Meeting of Waters’ is one of the main tourist attractions in Manaus, Brazil. For a total of six kilometers, the Rio Negro and the Solimoes River run side by side without mixing.

Molly Shaw

an experienced tour operator

Brazil boasts a versatile nature, rich culture, and exciting cities. Meet our team of professionals offering you a wide range of tour packages to satisfy any taste.

From its wetlands to the rainforests, and mountains to waterfalls, Brazil makes a great vacation destination for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors.

From the youngest capital of Brasilia until the Old Historic Center of the beautiful city of Olinda, there are places that can make an amazing Brazilian trip for all travelers in this part of the globe.

We cover every detail you might be thinking of. Keep calm and enjoy your vacation!

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